Security Groups

Security. Management. The Ultimate in Both.

Introducing the all-new Dome9 Security Groups.
Group-based policy management across multiple servers and clouds.

With Dome9 Security Groups you can consolidate management of multiple cloud servers under an umbrella Group profile. When you add a server to a Dome9 Security Group, its policy is automatically inherited from the Group profile.

Apply a single policy for similar types of servers
Group servers together and apply a firewall policy to them all, simultaneously. Servers can be added to any number of Security Groups, moved around as needed, and policies reused for specific server types.


Configure users access for a group of servers
Give your database admins access to all databases and the Web team access to all Web servers, simply by enabling user access to a Security Group. With Dome9 Security Groups, it’s ultra easy to provide users the access they need.

Scale management to an infinite number of servers and clouds
Combine an infinite number of servers from any number of clouds into a single Security Group. Then centrally manage a single policy across them all. It’s that powerful!

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