Zero-Day Attack Server Security

Zero-Day Attack Server Security

Protect Against Unknown Exploits & Application Vulnerabilities

Applications and operating systems are notoriously vulnerable to exploit. Threats like the Morto worm and PHP vulnerabilities make securing your cloud severs a challenge. Most admins patch their OS and applications, and then simply hope their servers don’t get targeted when the next 0-day attack comes along.

But what if there was a better solution – one that made patching near irrelevant while making your cloud server secure from any new threats? What if you could make your cloud server:

  • Invisible to hackers
  • Impenetrable to 0-day attacks
  • Immune to OS and application vulnerabilities

And what if you could end the inconvenience of chasing down patches?

Dome9 Stops Zero-Day Attacks, Before They Occur

Dome9 makes application and OS vulnerabilities irrelevant by closing the service ports on your cloud server and making them accessible to only those you authorize, when you authorize.

When your ports are closed, it doesn’t matter if the application or OS has an unknown vulnerability. That’s because the port won’t accept any incoming traffic, and that means any vulnerability can’t be exploited.

With Dome9’s innovative cloud server firewall management service, you can ensure your cloud servers are continuously secured, before an attack. Simply define a security group within Dome9 Central (our SaaS management console) with your service set to On-Demand. Then, when you want to access the service, simply click a button and viola – you have time-based, secure access just for your current IP address.

Securing you cloud server and stopping zero-day attacks has never been easier. Sign up and see for yourself. It’s free!