Windows server firewall

Enhancing Windows Server Firewall Security

Easily Manage and Enforce Firewall Security Across Multiple Windows Servers

The built-in Windows server firewall provides a great front-line defense, but is not without its drawbacks. Most administrators are forced to leave service ports like RDP open so they can remotely access their machines, leaving them vulnerable to hackers and exploits to vulnerabilities. What’s more, managing multiple Windows cloud servers is cumbersome, manually requiring you to ensure each has the most up-to-date security patches and proper configurations. Leave a port open or misconfigured and you’re inviting severe hacks.

Dome9 makes it easy to manage your Windows server firewall security across all servers and clouds, and closes the security gap from open ports like RDP. Our cloud security service lets you keep administrative ports closed at all times and provides on-demand access for specific users, time periods, and services. When your service ports are closed by default, your server doesn’t respond to hacker’s scans and exploit attacks. With Dome9, you get a single point of control over all your Windows server firewalls with maximum protection to make your servers invisible to hackers.

Centralized Windows Server Firewall Management

With the Dome9 cloud security service, you can apply a single security policy to multiple Windows server firewalls using Dome9 Security Groups. Users and administrators get time-based, secure access to any of your servers with just the click of a button, yet at all times your server ports remain closed to the public Internet.

Since all server ports are indefinitely closed, no vulnerability can be exploited. Security patches and concerns over configurations are a thing of a past. Instead, you can:

  • Centralize management of multiple Windows server firewalls using Dome9 Security Groups
  • Provide time-limited, secure access to your Windows servers with the click of a button
  • Ensure ports aren’t left open with automated policy management

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