Secure SSH to Your Cloud Servers

Secure SSH to Your Cloud Servers

Make SSH Access to Your Cloud Impenetrable to Hackers with Dome9

There are many ways to secure SSH. You can use OpenSSH or other tools to create public key authentication; modify the SSH listening port from 22 to something else; disable root login via SSH; and of course – use strong user passwords and passphrase for your keys. At the end of the day, however, all of these leave one very important and gaping hole in your security: the SSH port on your server is always open to the Internet. This means your server is susceptible to hackers and exploits with automated scripts to scan the net for SSH daemons and attempt to gain access to your server.

Dome9 eliminates break in attempts and maximizes SSH security by letting you you keep all ports closed at all times, and then open the necessary ports on-demand only when, for whom, and as long as is needed.

On Demand Secure SSH Access

Using the Dome9 cloud security service, you can easily enforce secure SSH access to your Linux servers and ensure that only authorized users can remotely access the resources they need. With all server ports indefinitely closed, there’s no vulnerability to be exploited, and no brute force attack that can succeed.

To gain access to a server with Dome9, a user first requests a secure access lease, which by default provides access for a specified time period, server and protocol, connecting from a specific IP. This gives you have secure SSH access, on-demand, and makes your server virtually invisible to hacker.

Additionally, with Dome9 you can:
  • Generate time-limited, secure third-party access for a specific service with Dome9 secure access invitations
  • Enable secure SSH access via a single button in a browser with Dome9 Instant Access
  • Manage group-based policies across multiple servers and clouds with Dome9 Security Groups

So what are you waiting for? It’s free, so Sign Up Now! Or find out more about Dome9’s cloud security features.