Red Hat Firewall Management

Securing Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server

Make Your RHEL Server Security Ultra Powerful with Dome9

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server is one of today’s most widely deployed cloud OSs. It utilizes iptables via its built-in firewall configuration tool for integrated host-based firewall controls.

But what if you want to scale your firewall controls to not just one, but tens or hundreds of Red Hat servers, and with a centralized policy framework? What if you want dynamic firewalling so your servers aren’t exposed to brute force attacks and exploits? Well, that’s when you need Dome9!

Abstracting Red Hat Linux Security as an Application

Dome9 locks down Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server by abstracting firewall management for the built-in iptables firewall as a SaaS application. Using Dome9, you can centralize policy management for any number of RHEL servers, grouping policies for simliar server sets (e.g., Web servers, database servers, etc.), regardless of the infrastructure / location they’re deployed in.

The tiny Dome9 Agent supports any RHEL 5 and RHEL 6 dedicated, virtual private, and cloud server across any infrastructure. Deployed in under a minute, it pairs with your Dome9 Central account to enable on-demand access with our patent-pending secure access lease technology. Instead of leaving service ports open and relying solely on a username and password as a line of defense, Dome9 lets you close those and any other service and get access by opening the port on the iptables firewall just for a specified user and time period. With Dome9, your servers become invisible to hackers.

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