Remote Desktop RDP Port 3389 Security

Remote Desktop RDP Port 3389 Security

Keep Your Remote Desktop RDP Port 3389 Closed & Eliminate Security Risks

RDP port 3389 is commonly kept open on cloud servers – a practice which has not escaped hackers. Using simple internet scans, hackers search for machines with an open 3389 port and then try to run an exploit or brute force attack to gain access. The Morto internet worm is one such example, though you’ll find plenty more. The challenge is therefore: how do you balance the need to remotely administer your cloud servers with the risk of keeping open ports?

Dome9 eliminates the risk of open ports altogether without compromising your convenience and flexibility. It lets you keep the RDP 3389 port (and any others) closed at all times, and then open it on-demand only when, for whom, and as long as is needed.

Eliminating RDP vulnerability

With Dome9, you easily enforce automated, secure access to your cloud server that ensures only authorized users can remotely access the resources they need. Since all server ports (including port 3389) are indefinitely closed, there’s no vulnerability that can be exploited. No need for security patches, changes of port numbers, or other workarounds.

Best of all, Dome9 doesn’t sacrifice convenience for security. With our cloud firewall management service, you can:
  • Generate time-limited invitations for secure, third-party access for a specific port
  • Enable convenient and secure access via a single button in a browser
  • Manage group-based policies across multiple servers and clouds

So what are you waiting for? It’s free, so Sign Up Now! Or find out more about our security features.