Automated Server Security for Rackspace
Make Your Rackspace Servers Invisible to Hackers

Dome9 secures Rackspace servers with agent-based policy automation to enable secure, on-demand access to your servers, stop zero-day vulnerabilities and exploits, and automate and simplify your security.

Dome9 is available for any Rackspace cloud or managed server. Simply create and setup your Dome9 account, deploy the Dome9 agent to your server, and configure your servers to be invisible to hackers.

With Dome9 for Rackspace, you can:

Stop Zero-Day Vulnerabilities and ExploitsSecure your Rackspace cloud and managed servers from OS and applications vulnerabilities – both known and unknown – by creating a strong, front-line defense that eliminates the window of exposure left from tactical responses like patching.

Secure Remote Access to Your Rackspace Servers – Prevent exploit and brute force attacks on your Rackspace cloud servers by closing all admin ports (e.g., SSH and RDP), by default, and enabling secure on-demand access only when, for whom, and as long as is needed with dynamically generated, time-based controls.

Automate Policy Administration for Elastic Security – Make your security as elastic as your cloud by auto-scaling your Rackspace cloud server security on-the-fly with dynamic policy coverage, role-based multi-user administration, and group-based policy management of multiple Rackspace servers.

Centralize Cloud Security Management for Multiple Servers – Consolidate your Rackspace server security management across all your Windows and Linux servers into one console, with advanced group-based policy controls and rich auditing and logging of account and user activity.

Don’t have a Dome9 account? No problem – Sign Up! It’s free, and it only takes a minute to create your account.

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