OpenStack Security

Secure OpenStack Private & Public Clouds

Lockdown OpenStack Servers with the Ultimate in Firewall Management

OpenStack is a terrific open source platform for building your private and public cloud. Many of today’s leading providers, including Rackspace Next Generation Cloud and HP Cloud, use OpenStack to power their globally available infrastructures.

One of the many great benefits of OpenStack is that it’s equipped with Security Groups. Similar to AWS EC2 and VPC Security Groups, OpenStack’s let you configure and enforce firewall policy at the virtualization layer for multiple server instances. But like AWS, OpenStack Security Groups can also be cumbersome and manual to manage, especially in a large and/or hybrid cloud.

Enter Dome9: API-Managed OpenStack Security

Dome9 secures OpenStack cloud servers and makes them virtually invisible to hackers. Our patent-pending automation closes firewall ports like RDP and SSH, and enables on-demand secure access with just 1-click.

With Dome9, you automate your OpenStack Security Groups, centralizing policy management within Dome9 Central – our SaaS management console – for your entire cloud infrastructure. What’s more, our inter- and intra-group security rules give you ultimate flexibility and granularity

Thanks to Dome9 Cloud Connect, setting up Dome9 with OpenStack takes all of 30 seconds. Simply login to your Dome9 Account, click on Manage, add your OpenStack supported region, and enter your credentials. Dome9 then connects to your private or public cloud via API to manage all of your Security Groups.

Dome9 System Architecture

With Dome9 Security and OpenStack, you can:

  • Enable secure, on-demand access to your server instances
  • Close firewall ports so your OpenStack servers are ultra secure
  • Manage security for multiple OpenStack deployments centrally
  • Centralize controls for your hybrid cloud infrastructure
  • Set role-based controls to manage who can access what servers
  • Configure granular inter- and intra-group security rules

Dome9 is available for any OpenStack cloud – private or public. So sign up, and give it a try for yourself. It’s fast and it’s free!