Linux IPTables Open Port

Securing & Automating Linux IPTables Open Ports

Create a Simple, Yet Impenetrable Front-line Defense for Your Linux Servers

Linux IPTables Open Port Security

When managed properly, Linux iptables provides an unquestionably enhanced level of security. Open ports can quickly be closed or modified to limit server access and prevent attacks. Left unmanaged or misconfigured, however, and Linux iptables can leave server ports open and provide an inviting hole in your security for hackers to exploit.

Dome9 makes it easy to manage and secure Linux iptables open ports by providing an easy-to-use front-end for creating and managing iptables rules across all your servers and clouds. With Dome9, you can eliminate the threat of brute force attacks and exploits by automating Linux iptables to close administrative ports at all times, opening them on-demand only when, for whom, and as long as is needed.

On-demand Linux IPTables Open Port Controls

With the Dome9 cloud security service, you can centralize and automate Linux iptables management for an infinite number of servers and clouds with a streamlined GUI. Stop managing Linux iptables via command line across multiple servers, and define a policy for groups of Linux servers, centrally, with Dome9 Security Groups. Then, with the click of a button, get time-based, secure access to any of your servers, on-demand.

Dome9 lets you keep all administrative ports (e.g., SSH, phpMyAdmin, etc.) closed by default, and opens them only for authorized users, time periods, and services. This way, your servers are virtually invisible to hackers since closed ports don’t respond to port scans and aren’t vulnerable to exploits and other attacks.

To gain access to a server, a user requests a secure access lease from Dome9, which by default provides access for one hour, for a specific server and protocol, connecting from a specific IP.

With Dome9, you can:

  • Simplify Linux iptables management and avoid misconfiguration by using an easy-to-use GUI
  • Generate time-limited, secure access on-demand, with the click of a button
  • Centralize Linux iptables management for multiple servers and clouds with Dome9 Security Groups

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