CentOS Firewall Security

CentOS Firewall Security

Centrally Manage Your CentOS Server Firewalls

If you’re using CentOS on your cloud, dedicated, or virtual private servers (VPS), you’re probably familiar with its built-in Linux iptables firewall. For each server, you configure your server’s firewall rules manually – hoping you don’t make a mistake, and in many cases those rules are either too restrictive and impede operations or too lax and put your server at risk.

CentOS server firewall security made easy!

Dome9 takes the Goldilocks effect out of managing your CentOS security by making firewall management ‘just right.’ Using Dome9 Central, our web-based management console, you can centrally manage firewall policy for all your CentOS servers, and apply:

  • Group-based policy controls: Set one firewall policy for some or all of your CentOS servers, across any number of cloud infrastructures.

  • Time-based secure access: Instead of manually opening and closing service ports like SSH and phpMyAdmin, or leaving them open indefinitely, lock your firewall down and simply click your Dome9 Get Access button to get on-demand, time-based access only when and for whom you authorize.

  • GUI-based firewall rules: Stop typing and start clicking! With our easy-to-use, web-based interface, you can see and configure all of your server’s CentOS firewall rules more quickly, easily, and accurately.

So what are you waiting for? Dome9 is free and setup takes just a few minutes, so Get Started Now!