Brute Force Attack Protection

Brute Force Attack Protection

Eliminate Threat of Brute Force Attacks with a Single Click

Figuratively speaking, Dome9 simply places a dome over your cloud servers – completely eliminating the possibility of brute force attacks. With all ports closed by default and only opened on demand, your servers are invisible to hackers scanning for vulnerable cloud servers.

What is a brute force attack?

With a brute force attack, hackers use every possible character combination to crack user name/password combinations and gain access into a server. This is done using dictionaries and software programs, which can test hundreds of thousands of password combinations per second, and crack passwords within minutes, taking advantage of the processing power of cloud computing.

Brute force attacks typically begin with secure shell (SSH) and other port scans to detect open service ports. Discovering a server with open administrative ports leads the way to an attack.

“Given enough time, any password can be broken, and a lot of them can be broken with relative ease because humans are, to a degree, lazy and will almost always opt for non-random, easy to recall — and hence easy to guess — passwords.” John Ives, senior security analyst, UC Berkeley

Dome9 protection against brute force attacks

With our cloud firewall management service, you:
  • Ensure ports aren’t left open with automated policy management
  • Manage firewalls centrally across multiple servers and clouds
  • Define on-demand, time-based secure access with a single click

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