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Protect Your WordPress Server from Hackers and Exploits

Millions of servers use WordPress for both personally and professional run websites, and the vast majority of those are highly vulnerable to attack.  That’s because most WordPress administrative panels are made publically available on ports 80 or 443 so webmasters and web developers can connect to, and manage their site.  This practice leaves only a simple username and password to stand between a hacker and your WordPress site.

Dome9 provides a fast and easy-to-use solution to secure your WordPress firewall on servers in both dedicated hosted and virtual private server (VPS) environments.  In just three simple steps, you can quickly use Dome9 to secure administrative access on your dedicated hosted or VPS WordPress servers, and safely enable on-demand access only when, for whom, and as long as is needed.

Lockdown Your WordPress Firewall

Dome9 prevents attackers from having the chance to guess your username and password, going beyond SSL to deliver an array of security capabilities, including:

Security for your administrative panel otherwise left vulnerable to attack
On-demand access to your WordPress administrative portal, any time and from any where
Centralized security management for multiple dedicated hosted and virtual private server (VPS) WordPress servers
Time-based secure access for third-party WordPress developers and administrators

Securing WordPress Servers with Dome9
Vimeo - Securing WordPress Servers with Dome9

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