System Architecture

Cloud Security as Elastic as Your Cloud Infrastructure

Dome9 System Architecture

Dome9 Central – Your Cloud Infrastructure Security Center

Dome9 Central is a secure, cloud-based, firewall management platform. Both the Dome9 Agent and Dome9 Connect, as well as all cloud security policies,  are centrally-managed in Dome9 Central. Administrators can dynamically open and close cloud server (private or public) firewalls using secure access lease and secure access lease invitations.

Dome9 Central offers consolidated management of cloud security policy for servers across multiple platforms. So, for example, if you have cloud servers in both AWS EC2 and Rackspace, you can use Dome9 to centrally manage secure access across your entire multi-vendor, multi-OS cloud infrastructure.

Dome9 Agent – Securing Any Server and Cloud

The Dome9 Agent supports both Windows and Linux operating systems. It is a lightweight, yet powerful software agent designed to efficiently manage the cloud server's OS firewalls. The Dome9 Agent securely communicates with Dome9 Central to receive policies and send reports. Agents are paired with a specific Dome9 Central account, and can be placed into logical groups, so a single policy change can be applied across multiple cloud servers. Learn More

Dome9 Cloud Connect – Agentless Cloud Security

Cloud Connect provides security management via API for Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 and VPC, OpenStack, and VMware vCloud environments. Dome9 Cloud Connect hooks into the virtualization layer to manage security groups and other available services, and eliminates the need for an agent on each virtual host. Offering instant-on management and auto-scaling, Cloud Connect is a terrific tool for many of today’s leading cloud infrastructures. Learn More