Strong 2-Factor Authentication

Finally – Cloud Security Made Simple

Enable Strong 2-Factor Authentication Using Your Mobile Device


Dome9 offers strong 2-factor authentication for Dome9 Central, our SaaS management console. Like our service itself, Dome9 strong authentication is truly innovative, enabling secure access to your cloud security with just a few flicks of your thumb.

Unlike other two-factor authentication technologies that require you to carry a dedicated hardware token, Dome9’s strong authentication works across all PCs and mobile devices with no dedicated hardware token, making it easy to get secure, two-factor authentication to your security on-the-fly from anywhere in the world.

With Dome9 strong authentication, enterprise cloud adopters have enhanced protection for their security stack, with easy-to-use, on-demand availability.

How it Works

Dome9’s two-factor authentication works on any device and provides a one-time password for each login to Dome9.

Simply create your free MYDIGIPASS.COM account, enable 2-factor authentication under settings, download the MYDIGIPASS.COM application to your device (iOS or Android), and pair the application with your Dome9 account.

Then, when you login to Dome9 Central, you receive a one-time password via the MYDIGIPASS.COM application. Or, if you want to make strong authentication super sexy, simply scan the QR Code with your device (see screenshot below). It’s that easy!

Strong authentication is offered in Dome9 Lite Cloud free for 30 days. If after 30 days you’d like to continue using Dome9 with two-factor authentication, simply subscribe to Dome9’s Business Cloud, which starts at just $19 a month.

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