Compliance Auditing

Governance & Compliance Controls for Your Cloud

Monitor and Report on User, Policy, and System Activity Across Your Cloud Servers

Dome9 compliance auditing provides real-time reporting to demonstrate security and governance for your entire cloud. Available to Dome9 system administrators, the built-in compliance dashboard displays the status of agent and API-managed cloud servers, changes to security policy, secure access leases, user access, and a multitude of system events.

Instead of blindly giving developers and IT staff access to your cloud servers through your providers console, Dome9 lets you restrict and monitor their activity, including changes to policy configurations with real-time notifications. That’s trust, with a little bit of verification sprinkled on top.

Give your developers and IT staff secure access, yourself peace of mind, and auditors proof, with Dome9 security compliance auditing!

How it Works

The Dome9 dashboard reports on the health of your cloud security, including policy updates, secure access leases, and even lets you drill down to specific user activity.

Report on the health of your security across all your cloud servers

Security Auditing Security Health

Review changes to security policy and user access for a compliant cloud

Security Auditing Policy Changes

Drill down to report on who’s accessing you cloud servers, when, from where, and how

Security Auditing Account Activity

Dome9 compliance auditing is included in all our plans. With our free, Dome9 Lite Cloud, you get 24-hours of auditing. And with our Business Cloud, compliance reports are retained for up to 4 years, depending on your plan.

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