Real-Time Security Alerts and Notifications

Real-Time Security Alerts and Notifications

Receive Automated Security Alerts for All Your Servers and Clouds

Dome9 provides real-time alerts so you always know the state of your cloud server security. Administrators can customize their notifications settings to receive alerts about their server’s status, cloud regions, server access, and any delegated user activity.

Real Time Security Alerts
In addition to email-based security notifications, every Dome9 account comes with the Dome9 CoPilot, a self-aware security module that automatically lets you know if any of your servers are potentially misconfigured and/or unsecured.

The Dome9 CoPilot appears in your Dome9 Central account whenever any of your servers have an open administrative port, are unreachable, have an out-of-date security agent, or are without a defined security policy. It can even auto-fix your security policy to make sure your servers are protected.

How it Works

Every Dome9 account (free or paid) comes equipped with real-time security alerts and notifications, including the Dome9 CoPilot. To edit your notification settings, simply login to Dome9 Central and select Settings in the top right corner. Any alerts are automatically sent to the administrators email address, or in the case of the Dome9 CoPilot, displayed within our GUI.

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