Secure Access Leasing

Get On-Demand Secure Access to Your Cloud Servers

Dome9 gives you 1-Click Secure Access to any server, anywhere

Dome9’s Secure Access Leasing is a patent-pending security automation technology that lets you close administrative ports like SSH and RDP, and get secure, on-demand access with a click of a button.

Most cloud servers are at risk because users leave service ports like phpMyAdmin and SSH open for remote access. But this leaves servers exposed to brute force attacks and OS and application vulnerabilities.


With Dome9, you can close these and any other service ports and enable on-demand, time-based access with Dome9 Secure Access Leasing.

Instead of leaving ports open, Dome9 closes them, by default, and using either a button in our application, your browser, or on your mobile, lets you open a specific port just for you, just for a time period (e.g., 1 hour), and just for the machine you’re connecting from.

How it Works

Using either the Dome9 Agent or Dome9 Cloud Connect for AWS EC2 or OpenStack, Dome9 closes all service ports on your cloud server. Then, when you want to securely access your server, you simply click a button in our application, your browser, or on your mobile, and Dome9 dynamically maps the IP address of the computer you’re coming from and instructs your remote cloud server to open the server’s port just for you and for a specified period of time. Once that time is up, Dome9 automatically closes the service port on your server.

With Dome9, your cloud is invisible to hackers, since your server’s ports are always closed to the public Internet.

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