Secure Access Invitations

Grant Time-Based Secure Access to Your Cloud Servers

Give Secure Access to Your Cloud When, How, and for Whom You Authorize

Dome9’s Secure Access Lease Invitations use patent-pending security automation to invite only those you authorize to securely access your cloud servers.

Instead of relying solely on usernames and passwords, which are often shared or lost, Dome9 lets you lockdown your cloud servers and with just a few clicks, generate one-time secure access invitations for authorized third parties.

Secure Access Lease InvitationInvite your developers, consultants, and other trusted users to securely access your servers, on-demand, without exposing your cloud to brute force attacks and exploits – even if their credentials are compromised!

With Dome9, you can couple your identity and access management security with the ultimate cloud server protection to make service ports available only to those you authorize, when you authorize.

How it Works

Dome9 closes service ports on your cloud servers so they’re impenetrable to attack. To enable secure access for an authorized user, you simply generate a Secure Access Lease Invitation and with a few clicks set the server, service port, and time-period for which they need access. Your authorized user receives a simple email as their current IP address is mapped and your cloud server is set to open the server’s port just for that IP, and for the pre-specified period of time. Only then can the authorized individual use their credentials to access your server.

With Dome9, your cloud is invisible to hackers, since your server’s ports are always closed to the public Internet, even when your authorized users are accessing your infrastructure. And you have a layered defense that prevents your user’s credentials from being exploited, since only with a Secure Access Lease can someone even attempt to gain access with their credentials.

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