Role-Based Secure Access

Role-Based Secure Access to Your Cloud Servers

Manage Who Can See and Access All Your Cloud Servers and Services

Dome9 provides role-based secure access to all your cloud servers. Configurable down to individual users and services (e.g., SSH and RDP), Dome9 provides a granular policy architecture to see and manage access to your cloud servers and services.

Instead of leaving all services open to every developer and IT staff member, Dome9 lets you easily configure secure access to only those resources that each user needs to do their specific job.

Let your Web developers have secure access to the Web servers, but only via SSL, and the database administrators (DBAs) have secure access to the database servers, but only via MySQL. While you prevent both getting access to the other’s resources, you retain full access for yourself, as well as detailed reporting to see who’s accessing your cloud.

Dome9 Role-Based Secure Access ControlsWith Dome9, you can segregate secure access and management across multiple servers and clouds, whether private, public, or hybrid. For example: Have SQL servers in three different regions? No problem! Dome9 lets you configure secure access for all your DBAs with just the click of a button and for a specific service (e.g., phpMyAdmin). You can even delegate security management for a particular cloud region, and for any number of servers.

How it Works

Dome9 supports multiple users and administrators with segregated authentication from your cloud infrastructure. Simply add a user to your Dome9 account and select the services for the servers or Security Groups you want them to be able to access and/or manage. You can allow a delegated administrator to manage security policy for a region, for example, while limiting day-to-day users to only be able to get secure access leases to one or more servers.

With Dome9, your cloud is invisible to hackers, since your server’s ports are always closed to the public Internet, even when your authorized users are accessing your infrastructure. And with Dome9’s role-based secure access controls, you securely enable your developers and IT staff to access the resources they need without exposing your cloud to attack.

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