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Dome9 Offers the
Ultimate in Security for Cloud Servers

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Dome9 provides an array of features for the ultimate in cloud server security!

Lock your servers down and make them invisible to hackers. Then, with the click of a button in your browser or on your phone, get secure access on-demand.

Dome9 lets you centralize controls across public, private, and hybrid clouds, and empower your team to securely do their job. With Dome9, your servers have never been so secure and your policy management so easy.

Watch our demo and tour our features to see for yourself!

Secure Access Leasing

With Dome9 Secure Access Leasing your server’s ports are closed by default, making your servers invisible. To get access, you simply click our ‘Get Access’ button in your browser or on your phone and your server is immediately available only to you via a secure access lease.
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Secure Access Lease Invitations

Generate one-time secure access leases for developers, consultants, and others whom you want to have temporarily access your servers. Specify what they can access and when, how they can get access, and retain an audit trail for your records.
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Security Groups

Consolidate policy management for multiple servers and clouds into Dome9 Security Groups. Create a security group for your Web servers, another for your application servers, and so on, and instantly have policies changes update across your entire infrastructure.
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Security Auditing

Security Auditing Account Activity

Get full, account-level visibility and logging of user activity with advanced filters to drill down, see, and report on whose accessing what servers, when, from where, and for how long. All audit reports are stored independently from your cloud servers so they live on even after you retire your servers.
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1-Click Instant Access

Available for Google Chrome and your smart phone (iPhone and Android devices), Dome9 Instant Access gives you secure access leasing on-the-go, without the need to login to Dome9 Central. Simply click our button in your browser or our Mobile App, and you’ll get on-demand secure access to your servers. Learn more

Auto-Scaling Security

Whether you’re using our agent or going agentless, auto-pair any new cloud servers with your Dome9 account and pre-specified security groups, so your security is as elastic as your infrastructure. With Dome9, security is applied automatically so your infrastructure is never at risk.
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“Dome9 aims to make sure you close the (cloud) barn door before the horse bolts – not after”
           Lori MacVittie, Security Evangelist


Firewall Logs & Logging Policy


Centrally control your cloud firewall logging policy and make sure your servers log your allowed connections and dropped packets. As part of Dome9 Security Groups, the logging policy is enforced on all members of that security group.

Coupled with Log Forwarding solutions like Splunk, SumoLogic, or Loggly, users can now guarantee complete log coverage, without the hassle of locally and manually configuring a firewall logging policy on each and every server.

Dynamic Policy Objects

Create portable and reusable policy objects that can be applied across multiple servers, security groups and clouds, including:

  • MagicIPs – Pre-built IP lists of specialty providers (e.g., CloudFlare & Incapsula)
  • IP Lists – Customizable sets of IPs you create and reuse
  • MagicDNS – DNS-based firewall rules (including support for dynamic DNS rules)

Embed these objects within your policies (e.g., trusted sources / networks) and apply them to any individual or group of servers and clouds.
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Multi-Cloud Management

Centrally manage security across multiple public and private clouds, as well as traditional data centers. Whether it’s Linux IPtables, Windows GUI based Firewalls, and/or EC2 Security Groups, cloud security policy management is consolidated in Dome9 Central. Learn more

Role-Based Secure Access

Add multiple users and super users to your Dome9 account, and broker who can access specific servers and servers. Limit your web developers to the web servers, for examples, and your DBAs to the database servers. Learn more

Strong, Multi-Factor Authentication

Get enhanced security for your Dome9 account with strong, multi-factor authentication. Use your mobile phone to receive a one-time password or simply scan the on-screen QR code any time you want to login to your account. Learn more

Alerts & Notifications

Real Time Security Alerts

Always know the state of your cloud security and keep tabs on what your team members are doing. With customizable real-time alerts and notifications, Dome9 automatically alerts you when there are changes to your security policy, servers are accessed, and policy is at risk.
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Dome9 API and Developer Center

Customize your experience with the unparalleled power of the Dome9 API. Visit Dome9 Developer Center and see how you can create custom script applications to self-grant secure access during batch jobs, built a secure access lease button in an application, support or help desk system, or dream up something never before seen.

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