Dynamic Policy Objects

Dynamic Policy Controls for Your Cloud Security

Create Portable, Reusable Policy Objects Across Multiple Servers, Security Groups and Clouds.

Built to scale, yet designed to be simple, Dome9’s dynamic policy objects leverage the power of DNS and IP lists to create incredibly effective and efficient cloud security.

Create Custom IP Lists

Never write the same IP address twice

With Dome9, you can define custom lists of IPs to reference in whitelists and service scopes. Using IP Lists, for example, you can create a list of “Office IPs” with all of your office static IPs, and then add that list to any services that need continuous connection from your office. If your office IPs ever change, just edit the list and all of your services for all your servers are automatically updated. You can even add comments to your IP addresses for future reference.

Unleash the Power of MagicDNS

Use DNS CNAMES and A-Records in firewall policies

Dome9 MagicDNS lets you incorporate DNS names instead of IPs and CIDRs in whitelists and service scopes. Never again have to use raw IPs in your policies. Instead, with the power of our MagicDNS, simply enter the DNS name once, and you’re policy is forever up-to-date across all your servers.

Dome9 resolves these names every few minutes and pushes the changes to the relevant servers / security groups. You can even use Dynamic DNS services (such as myHomeOffice.dyndns.org).

Marvel in MagicIPs

Leverage pre-built IP lists or create your own

Magic IPs are specific, pre-built IP Lists that Dome9 maintains and provides for use in your rules. Today, we offer MagicIPs for both CloudFlare and Incapsula – two leading Web Application Firewall services used by hundreds of thousands of websites to prevent attacks on Web servers and accelerate traffic. You can use our MagicIPs, for example, to set your web server to only communicate Port 80 traffic with CloudFlare’s proxies, ensuring hackers can’t bypass CloudFlare to attack your website directly.

Try Dome9 Dynamic Policy Objects

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