Drupal Security

Maximum Drupal Firewall Security

Lockdown your Drupal servers with Dome9 firewall management

As a premier open source content management platform powering millions of websites and applications, Drupal supports just about everything from personal blogs to enterprise applications. But is your Drupal server secure?

One of the greatest threats to Drupal deployments is unauthorized remote access. Just like with WordPress, hackers scan the Internet looking for open Drupal admin panels to brute force attack your username and password, or leverage a vulnerability to gain control.

Secure your Drupal server

Dome9 locks down your Drupal servers by closing administrative service ports on your Drupal cloud, dedicated, or Virtual Private Server (VPS) and enabling on-demand, secure access just for those you authorize. Our cloud-based service disconnects your administrative console from the public Internet so your Drupal server is invisible to hackers, and lets you enable access with 1 click.

How it Works

First, read Drupal’s Enabling HTTPS guide and decide which parts of your Drupal deployment will be accessible only via HTTPS/SSL. Next, sign up for Dome9 and deploy our lightweight security agent on your cloud, dedicated, or VPS. Then, with Drupal set to allow admin access only via HTTPS/SSL, set HTTPS/SSL port 443 to ‘On-Demand’ in Dome9 Central. From then on, whenever you want to access your Drupal admin console, simply click our Get Access button or the use our Chrome Extension to instantly enable a secure connection. It’s that easy!

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