Dome9 Cloud Connect

Agentless Based Security AWS EC2 & OpenStack

Centralize & Automate Security Management for Your Cloud Without via API

Dome9 Cloud Connect provides agent-less security management for Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 and VPC, and OpenStack Cloud environments.

Connecting in at the virtualization layer to manage AWS EC2 and OpenStack Security Groups, Dome9 Cloud Connect lets you manage and automate your security without an agent.

Dome9 Cloud Connect lets you

How it Works

Dome9 Cloud Connect uses a weakened version of your AWS EC2 or OpenStack API key to integrate with your cloud environments and centrally manage and automate security policy.

Have AWS or OpenStack instances across multiple accounts or regions? No problem! With Dome9 you can centralize and automate security across them all. With no-agent to install, you simply enter your API key into Dome9 Central for any account or region, and Dome9 instantly connects to manage all your existing Security Groups and instances within our UI. The entire process takes under a minute.

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