Dome9 Agent

Agent-Based Security Management for All Your Servers

Supporting Any Windows or Linux-Based Dedicated, Virtual Private, or Cloud Server

The Dome9 Agent is a tiny, rapidly-deployed agent that runs on any Windows or Linux-based server OS in any infrastructure.

Whether your servers are dedicated, hosted or collocated, or in a private or public cloud, the Dome9 Agent deploys in seconds and immediately enforces your security policy.

At about 3 MB in size, the Dome9 Agent installs in under 30 seconds either by logging into Dome9 Central from your server and clicking install agent, with a simple command line in Linux, or with just about any software distribution tool. The Agent can be pre-installed as part of your server image templates, and pre-configured using your unique pairing key to couple with the appropriate Security Group.

How it Works

The Dome9 Agent is a management application that hooks into your server’s operating system to control either Linux IPTables or the built-in Windows firewall. It communicates securely with Dome9 Central to relay the state of the server, Agent, and retrieve and enforce security policy. All communications are encrypted, and the Agent does not open any inbound ports to receive updates.