Auto-Scaling Security

Auto-Scaling Cloud Server Security

Make Your Cloud Security as Elastic as Your Cloud Infrastructure

Dome9 automatically scales your cloud server security, on-the-fly. Whether you’ve deployed via agent or API, Dome9 automatically provisions your security policy across all your servers and clouds.

Instead going naked when you burst, or manually applying security to each newly created or modified server, Dome9 dynamically pairs your servers – across any public or private cloud – with your Dome9 account. This ensures your cloud is continuously protected, whether you’re scaling your infrastructure up or out.

How it Works

Dome9 auto-scaling works whether you’re using the Dome9 agent or Cloud Connect to enforce security policy on your cloud servers.

With agent-based deployments for any Windows or Linux-based servers, simply deploy the Dome9 agent on your server templates and insert your unique pairing key, which is found within Dome9 Central under settings. Your pairing key auto-pairs any newly deployed server template with your Dome9 account and enforces the policy of your Security Groups.

Likewise, if you’re using the Dome9 Cloud Connect for AWS EC2 or OpenStack environments, Dome9 automatically applies your security policy at the virtualization layer to any new or modified instances via your defined Security Groups, without any additional deployment or configuration.

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