Clarity – Visualize your AWS Cloud Security


Dome9 Clarity

Visualize your Amazon EC2 & VPC Security Policies



“It’s like street-view for your AWS security”

Easily Visualize your AWS Security Configuration

Dome9 Clarity allows AWS users to view the security of their environment in a new visual way. Dome9 Clarity visualizes the security relations within a given EC2 or VPC environment and display all the internal and external members that play a role in the environment security groups configuration, may it be an external subnet, instances and other security groups.


Architectural Layout of your Cloud Applications

When architecturing a multi-tier application, Clarity users enjoy a tiered visualization that resembles the architecture structure. Clarity also adds an icon to represent each group content: Web Server, Database, App Server, Monitoring, Logging, ELB.

Highlight authorized data flows

Visualizing the policy rules means complete transparency into the authorized data streams including data sources and targets. Clarity use color codes to instantly reflect the resource exposure level: Red=Allow some traffic from the internet, Orange=allow some traffic from specific public address, Green=Allowing only local network access.


Instantly Optimize Security Configuration

Dome9 SecOps for AWS provides great management capabilities over AWS security groups on EC2 and VPC. Integrated with Dome9 Clarity AWS users can zoom to zero-in the problem and remediate it in no time.

Clarity is available as part of Dome9 SecOps for AWS