Amazon AWS EC2 Security

Automate Amazon AWS EC2 Security Groups

Centralize Dynamic Policy Management for Multiple AWS Accounts and Regions

Tired of manually configuring AWS EC2 Security Groups? Have multiple AWS EC2 accounts or instances across multiple regions? No Problem! With Dome9, you can centralize and automate policy management for any number of AWS EC2 accounts and regions and secure all your cloud instances.

Dome9 automates your cloud security policies, closing service ports like RDP, SSH, and phpMyAdmin and making your AWS EC2 instances virtually invisible to hackers. Sign Up Now

With Dome9, you can manage multiple security groups from multiple accounts and regions, centrally, within Dome9 Central. And you can set granular inter- and intra-group security rules for unparalleled control and flexibility. What’s more, with Dome9 you can configure role-based policies to allow user access only to the instances you authorize.

Dome9 connects to Amazon AWS EC2 to manage EC2 Security Groups via API. Simply plugin a weakened version of your AWS API key into Dome9 Central, and instantly enable secure access to any of your instances only when, for whom, and as long as it is needed.

So what are you waiting for? Try Dome9 SecOps for AWS free for 14 days. Because Dome9 connects to AWS via API, setup is ultra fast and easy! Sign Up Now or download our whitepaper to learn more.